Meditative Journal Handout (One);   Current Emotions

The Meditative Journal Handout #1 is a powerful tool designed to enhance your mindfulness practice and aid in your personal growth journey.

This single-page worksheet is a much appreciated supplement to normal day-to-day journaling - and a win for your mental health! It features multiple brainstorm-style prompts to help you dive deeper into your emotions and thoughts, gaining a clearer understanding of your inner self. By using this handout, you can tap into your creativity and explore your feelings in a safe and organized manner. 

Each short question is used to guide you through a reflective process, encouraging you to identify and explore your emotions and thoughts. From identifying the root cause of your feelings to setting intentions for the future, this handout is only as simple as your imagination.

With its simple design and easy-to-follow prompts, the Meditative Journal Handout #1 is suitable for beginners and experienced journalers alike. 

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