Social Struggles of Going WFPB

Published on 1 December 2023 at 16:07

It is not always easy to be vegan/fully plant-based in a society that largely consumes animal products. 


It can be hard to find Plant-Based versions (unless making it yourself) of traditional dishes that are familiar to family and friends, which can make it difficult for vegans to feel accepted and included in social gatherings.

For many, the biggest hurdle is navigating social situations such as family gatherings, business lunches, or restaurant outings with omnivorous loved ones.

According to research, social struggles tend to be a huge factor in why people end up cheating on or breaking their diet.


When ordering out in public, we might feel judged by others for their dietary choices.


In social situations, we often find ourselves explaining the reasons behind our decision, which can become extremely tiring; especially when someone's friendly questions turn into jokes and eventually leading into a debate. 


Even in social settings where WFPB dishes are available, it can be difficult to find meals that are entirely free of animal products due to ingredients that some might not take into consideration such as honey, gelatin, or differently-named milk ingredients like whey or ghee, ect. 


This, in combination with the lack of support from omnivorous friends or family members, can make it a challenge to stick to a healthier diet than theirs.


Despite these struggles, many Vegans find that the moral and health benefits that come with their lifestyle choice make it worth the effort.


With the right preparation and research, however, it is possible to find ways to make vegan meals enjoyable and acceptable for everyone.

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